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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago


Bubblegum will negotiate the best pay rate for the work your child does. Unlike other industries, every job within the entertainment industry varies when it comes to pay structure. This means that two similar jobs will pay completely different rates, depending on a number of variables.

The following table is a general pay rate guide only:





Children (under 16)

Leads/Bit Part/ Featured guest roles

Negotiated fee, MEAA rate

Negotiated Rate

$85-$95 per hour


$160 approx.

To Air

Negotiated- depending on usage


No less than 50% of adult rate $18.61 per hour


$18-$28 per hour

Recalls/Screen test


Stills to air

Hourly rate

Plus loading

Travelling Time

25 KM from the GPO

Parades/ Showings

Negotiated fee

Most Clients automatically deduct P.A.Y.G. Tax, in accordance with A.T.O. recommendations, from payments. However, there are times when a Client won’t. The standard tax rate is 20%.

Please be aware that payment from Clients can take up to 90 days or longer.


As your child’s Agent, Bubblegum deducts a reasonable percentage from Talent payments. Jobs obtained via Bubblegum, for the Talent or their family members used on jobs, will always incur this Commission:

  • 20% + GST for television and film acting and voice over

  • 20% + GST for television commercials (TVC) and campaign modelling.

  • 10% - 20% +GST for live stage productions (Theatre) depending on the production. Commission is confirmed with parent/guardian prior to commencement.

  • 20% + GST for social media campaigns.

G.S.T. is payable on the Bubblegum commission.

Job payments are made via eftpos deposit in the talent’s name by Bubblegum. A remittance slip including full job and payment details will be attached to the cheque for your records.

A $5.00 administration fee is charged for account processing.


Bubblegum is very happy to assist with any account inquiries. We understand the payment process can be confusing at times and appreciate your patience while we help you resolve any issues. 


All payments from the Client are received by Bubblegum on the behalf of the Talent. When monies are owed to Bubblegum for services provided to Talent, all payments received on the Talent’s behalf will be held until the owed amount is repaid in full.

When monies are owed to Talent for work completed for our Clients, Bubblegum will ensure that invoices are processed and paid as promptly as possible.

Once all monies owed are provided, Bubblegum will deduct commission and deposit payment into your child’s bank account immediately. 



Client payments can take up to 90 days from the date of invoice. If the work has been completed and payment has not been received within 60 days please contact our Accounts Department.



Sometimes the duration of the job can change on the day, please remember to contact Bubblegum with the times your child works so that we can correctly invoice our Clients.



Our Accounts Department is available every Tuesday from 10.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. if you need assistance, or alternatively you can email accounts@bubblegumcasting.com.au 


Both acting and modelling are paid jobs, so you need to make yourself familiar with any obligations relating to earned income. This will vary depending on your location so it’s best to contact your local tax office for advice on rates applicable to your child’s earnings. Generally speaking, the rate in Australia is 20% and many clients will deduct this P.A.Y.G. tax from your child’s payment.  If they do not, it is your responsibility to ensure that any due tax is paid in full.  

Remember that your agency is not required to deduct any tax— this is your responsibility.

G.S.T. is payable on agency commissions. 




All children need to have a tax file number before they get paid for their first job. There is no minimum age to apply for this. Please see the following information taken directly from the government website:

If your child:

  • Is any age and they earn less than $120 per year from savings accounts per year, their financial institution will not withhold Tax 

  • Is less than 16 years old and earns between $120 and $420 from savings accounts per year and provides their date of birth and tax file number (TFN), the financial institution will not withhold tax and they don't need to lodge a tax return

  • Doesn't provide either their date of birth or TFN, the financial institution will withhold pay as you go (PAYG) tax at 47% and they need to lodge a tax return if they want a refund 

  • Less than 16 years old and earns $420 or more from savings accounts per year and provides their TFN, the financial institution will not withhold tax. If they don't provide their TFN, the financial institution will withhold PAYG tax at 47% and they need to lodge a tax return if they want a refund 

  • Is 16 or 17 years old, earns $120 or more from their savings account per year and provides their TFN, the financial institution will not withhold tax 

  • Doesn't provide their TFN, the financial institution will withhold PAYG tax at 47% and they need to lodge a tax return if they want a refund. 

To put it simply, if your child doesn’t have a TFN on record, they’ll be taxed at a flat rate of 47%. So please ensure that you organise it on their behalf, as well as a bank account in their name.


Fill in the application form at the Australian Taxation Office website. Print off the form and take it to a participating Post Office or newsagency with all of the relevant ID. Please note that if you are a parent or guardian signing on behalf of a TFN recipient that is under 16 years old, you will need to provide:

  • Two proof of identity documents for the TFN Recipient

  • Three proof of identity documents for yourself OR your own TFN

  • A proof of eligibility document

If you are having any difficulty, please use the official government website as your first port of call. The Bubblegum team are not tax experts, and often you can google your queries before ringing up the office.

It is important to note that you are able to apply online, but only if your child is 15 years old or olderIf your child is younger than that, you will have to apply in one of the three ways listed on the ATO website which is linked here.


Bubblegum requires a completed Tax File Number Declaration Form after a job is completed for invoicing purposes (please complete this form in black pen). Bubblegum cannot complete these forms on your child’s behalf. The invoicing process is more streamlined and speedy if we have several completed forms on file.

P.A.Y.G. Tax will generally be deducted by the Client. At the end of each financial year most companies will send Bubblegum their Talents’ Payment Summaries. Bubblegum will promptly forward these to you for taxation purposes.


If a job’s location is more than approximately 25 kilometres from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane C.B.D. (depending on which branch represents your child), travel time and fuel costs can be claimed (please keep a record).

Bubblegum will negotiate fair rates on your behalf for travel time and fuel expenses. This is generally all part of the job’s contract.

If you have any questions related to this, please email accounts@bubblegumcasting.com.au 



If your child does not have a bank account, then it’s time to get one for them. It’s highly unlikely that you will ever be paid in cash, and your child’s payment must go to an account in their name. 


It’s always encouraged to start saving from an early age, but at the same time, you want your child to understand the value of the work they are doing. 

With this in mind, it might be a good idea to allow your child a small percentage of their pay to spend as pocket money. Rather than rewarding them with a toy or gift each time they finish a job, allow them to manage their own pocket money and choose how they spend it. 


Of course, this is just a suggestion. As a parent, it’s up to you to make a decision on pocket money and savings that best suits your child.

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