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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

This is you and your child’s journey, so make the most of every opportunity by being the best you can be. But it’s not just about being well-presented and casting-ready. You should also try to stay relaxed, positive, and realistic in your outlook. Not only will this help your child remain grounded but it will also give you an air of professionalism that just might give your child an edge over the competition.

And remember, being well-prepared and stress-free before and during a casting will make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your child.

Bringing extended family or friends to castings is not advised.

Be mindful of protecting your reputation, and ours as your Agent — how casting directors and directors perceive you and your child is hugely important in the industry.

Casting Essentials to bring with you include:

  • A mobile phone (please turn mobiles off once you arrive).

  • Your child’s up-to-date measurements — include clothing size, shoe size, height, chest, waist, and hips in centimetres. You can keep these details on our business card for a quick reference.

  • Your Tax File number.

  • Face wipes and a brush so that your child’s face, hands and hair are presentable —Beware of the runny nose.

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