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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

Presentation is highly important; any child or teenager that we represent needs to always look their best when they are promoting themselves at castings and jobs.


Here are a few tips on presentation:


  • Clothes need to be clean, pressed and well-presented. Keep the torn or stained t-shirt in the wardrobe on casting days no matter how fashionable it might be!

  • Footwear should not draw attention. Again, scuffed or stained shoes — and thongs — can have a rest on casting days.

  • Any change of clothes that you are asked to bring must also be clean and pressed and hanging on coat hangers, or neatly folded — scrunching clothes into a plastic bag is never a good idea so don’t do it on casting or working days.

  • Stay away from brand names and logos (it wouldn't look great to wear a competitor's brand!) For clothing brands castings and auditions, if the brief doesn't already outline your wardrobe, we recommend wearing similar clothes to the brand i.e. if it's for a sporty brand, dress sporty!

  • Take some face wipes and a hair brush for last minute touch ups. For an audition your child’s hair and face should be free from excessive hair product and makeup as many Clients want to see a natural look. However, when arriving at a job no hair product or makeup is required; unless a certain look is asked for by the Client.


One last thing, this is a highly competitive industry so having a great attitude is essential. Both you and your child need to be friendly and positive — the rewards are well worth it. Smile!

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