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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago



Being prepared is the best approach. The simple tips below will ensure that you and your child are both well prepared and enjoy the working experience.


We hate to sound like a broken record but we’d just like to remind you once again that it’s of the utmost importance to be mindful of both your child’s and Bubblegum’s reputation when working. People are watching you so be professional and approachable at all times.


Bringing extended family or friends to a job, taking photos on-set, arguing with crew or other actors, interrupting production flow, arriving late without notifying Bubblegum or the relevant production staff member, and selling yourself on-set is highly unprofessional and won’t be tolerated by the production company or Bubblegum.


Remember to:


  • Bring snacks and a drink. If the call is all day it is a good idea to pack some lunch, particularly if the production is low budget. However, many productions hire catering.

  • Bring your:

    • Medicare card

    • Doctors’ contact details

    • Ambulance subscription number

    • Health insurance number

    • Tax file number

    • Emergency contact details

  • Bring quiet activities such as books, magazines, games (quiet games), etc. These items will occupy you and your child during long waiting periods.

  • Switch off mobile phones (do not leave them on silent or on vibrate). DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS WITHOUT PERMISSION! This is a major faux pas and could harm your child’s future prospects.



Get to the job 10 minutes early and check in. Complete any relevant paperwork. Then find a quiet spot and wait for instruction. Often the production crew is busy with set ups, so be available but keep out of the way if possible.

If applicable, a wardrobe person will discuss the costume or the clothes you’ve brought and then you’ll be sent to hair and makeup. Come to the job as natural as possible unless otherwise asked. 


Your child may be asked to wait again, so be patient and remain completely available for your next instruction.


Sometimes, after waiting for half a day, your child may be told they are no longer required. While this can be disappointing it is simply part of the business and will not stop your child from being paid for their time.


After working, the production’s edit may feature more of your child than you expected or their scene/s may be cut.


Watch the final product so that any discrepancy in regards to pay is communicated to us.

If you’re keen to acquire a copy of the production, or you want to know the air dates please ask on the job. Unfortunately Bubblegum cannot supply this information as we don’t always know.


The alternative to asking the production company for a copy is to simply record it yourself when it airs on TV. Just don’t forget to mark the on air date on your calendar so you can keep an eye out for it!



Update your child’s Syngency & Casting Networks profile after every relevant job, particularly the ‘Resume’ section in Syngency and the ‘Credits’ Section in Casting Networks


Syngency - Resume Section





Casting Networks - Credits section



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