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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

In Victoria, a Child Employment Information Form is provided by the employer once they've initiated the child employment application process. This form contains a medical and health information section and this needs to be completed by a parent or guardian before a child commences employment. Employment forms vary per state but rest assured we will forward all relevant paperwork to you for completion upon receipt from the employer. 


The Child Employment Information Form is set as a PDF file, which means you can save it on your computer and then fill out electronically if you do not have access to a printer. Once filled out and saved, you can email the form back per instruction.

Important information items to assist with form completion:

  • Medicare card

  • Health Insurance details

  • Ambulance membership number

  • Doctor’s contact details, including name, phone number
    and address

  • Any special medical requirements – such as allergies,
    current medications, etc


Please see references below for a sample Child Employment Information Form. 


Bubblegum is always on hand to help with paperwork inquiries. We generally work as a go-between for you and the employer to ensure all documents are understood, completed and received. Once a child has been successful regarding employment it is very important that paperwork completion doesn’t hold up the process. If you have any queries related to the above, please email casting@bubblegumcasting.com.au.



Child Employment Information Form1. Child Employment Information Form

4. Child Employment Information Form

5. Child Employment Information Form

6. Child Employment Information Form

7. Child Employment Information Form

Parental Consent Form

Please note that this form will almost always be pre-filled with your information and you will just have to sign on page 2.

School Exemption Form

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