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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

There are 8 steps to ensure your Syngency profile is up to date and ready for Casting Directors to view. It is imperative that all details are kept up to date and are accurate. Please do not skip any steps and follow our guide carefully.


Below, we have provided a Syngency Tutorial video and a more detailed 8 step written guide. The 8 steps are as follows and are detailed in the sections below:


  1. Log In Email

  2. Log In To Syngency

  3. Home & Calendar

  4. Fill Out Your Profile

  5. Measurements Must Be Complete & Updated At All Times

  6. Update Contact Details

  7. Images & Videos

  8. Skills


Please ensure that when you make any changes you wish to save, you click the ‘Update’ or 'Save' buttons.






You will receive your login details via email. Please follow the link to set your password and make note of it. (Check your junk folder if it hasn’t come through). The email will come from sender: noreply@syngency.com


Syngency Login Email




Clicking on the link will take you to this page:


Syngency Login Screen


Once you have created your password, you’re in! 

We recommend that you save the tab for easy access and don’t forget the password you created!




When you log in to the Syngency platform, your home screen looks like the screenshot below. This is where you can keep all of your details up to date.

Syngency Home Screen

See the calendar? Just click and drag on any days you are unavailable and ‘book it out’:

Book it Out Screen

Calendar with Dates Booked Out


This will help both your child and the Bubblegum team a LOT. It doesn’t look good for anyone if a Casting director sets time aside for an audition for your child and it turns out you are in Fiji. 


Remember, if you haven’t told us you’re away we will assume you are ALWAYS AVAILABLE. So keep this calendar up to date and it doesn’t hurt to put it in writing via email, too.



Please take the time to fill in all of the information on the other tabs. Clients can skip past your profile if the information is incomplete. We find that incomplete profiles are often the culprit when children don’t get many opportunities so fill everything in! 


Please note:

SNS = TFN (Tax File Number)

Bank Routing Number = BSB (Bank State Branch/Bank code)



Make sure all of your measurements are correct and UPDATED throughout the year. This is especially important for babies that grow so quickly. (Obviously we don’t need baby's inseam details but height and clothing sizes are essential).


If we don’t have your child’s up-to-date measurements, it will affect your child’s chance of booking work. Clients often ask for heights and clothes sizes and it is not our job to chase you for that information.








In bare feet, stand tall and straight with your back and heels against a wall. Have someone run a ruler or something that can be placed on the tallest part of your head straight back to the wall. Mark the wall where the ruler touches. Measure the distance from the floor to the mark on the wall. 


Chest - Male: 

Wrap the tape measure under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure the tape is snug, but not so tight that you can’t breathe normally. That’s your chest measurement. 


Chest - Female: 

Many aspiring models aren’t always aware that, in modelling, your bust size is not your bra size. It’s actually the fullest part of your bust. First, place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust, at nipple level. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor. Then, holding the tape measure, take a full breath in and out to allow the tape to slide to a comfortable, yet snug, position. This number is your modelling bust size.



Just like your bust measurement, your waist measurement may be a little different from what you’re used to. It’s not your jeans size. A true waist measurement needs to be taken at the smallest part of your waist. This could be at your belly button or even a few inches above it. Hold the tape measure snugly, but not too tightly, to find your natural waistline.



Many models incorrectly measure around their hip bones, resulting in a much smaller hip measurement. Instead, standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks. This is the hip measurement agencies are looking for. 



This measurement is to help fit for pants. stand with the feet shoulder width apart, in a normal posture with the weight evenly distributed on both feet and measure from the waist down to the ankle.



This measurement also helps fit for pants. Wearing only briefs, stand with the feet shoulder width apart, in a normal posture with the weight evenly distributed on both feet. Then, measure the inside of the leg from just below the crotch to the ankle.



Put your hand on your hip, place the tape measure at the center of the back of your neck, then measure to your shoulder and down along your arm and to your wrist. Stop measuring right where the wrist meets the palm of your hand.



To measure your collar size, take the measuring tape and place it around your neck, just above your collarbone. Then, place one finger between the tape and your neck. 



You will need to enter the suit size using the sizing guide below. The sizing guide requires the lower waist measurement. The lower waist is measured around the part where you normally wear suit pants, just three fingers below the height of your belly button.


Suit Size Guide





Please use the below guide to determine the correct shoe size.


Baby Shoe Sizes

Baby Shoe Size Guide


Kids Shoe Sizes

Kids Shoe Size Guide



Women's Shoe Sizes

Women's Shoe Size Guide



Men's Shoe Sizes

Men's Shoe Sizing


Apparel, Kids' Clothing & Pant's Sizes:

Please use the below guides to determine correct apparel & kids' clothing sizes.



Baby Sizes

Baby Apparel Sizes





Kids' Girls 1 - 16 Sizes

Kids Girls Size 1 - 16



Kids' Boys 1 - 16 Sizes

Kids Boys Sizes 1 - 16



Women's Apparel & Pants Sizes



Men's Tops & Casual Shirts Sizes



Men's Pant Sizes





If you have the time, weigh yourself on scales at least twice in the day: when you wake up, before you go to bed, and in the middle of the day (if possible). Ideally, weigh yourself naked. Clothing can add weight, so you should avoid it if possible. 

Average every weight measurement for the day and that is the weight you record. To find the average, add all weights together and then divide by how many times you weighed yourself, e.g., 


(Weight 1 + Weight 2 + Weight 3) / 3 = Final weight




Please add as many contact numbers as possible.


If we get an audition for your child, it often needs to be confirmed within the hour. If we keep getting through to voicemail then we may miss that window of opportunity and no-one wants that to happen. So if you have more than one contact number, pop it in the contact section.


For Teens, please note that we prefer to correspond directly with a parent as they are the ones who will be doing the driving etc. So it’s important to have a parent or guardian’s number listed as the primary contact.



When you head to the ‘images’ section, you’ll see the photos from your child’s shoot. 

You can also upload your own images or videos any time you like. Videos will need to be uploaded in the 'videos' tab. These don’t have to be professionally shot photos or videos but they should be in focus and well taken.






Last but by no means least, we come to the Skills Section. Make sure to fill in any skills your child may have, as it could set them apart or make them the perfect fit for a particular role. Skills can be anything from singing very well to being a great basketball player. Whatever your child is good at, stick it in there.



If you have any trouble with filling out your profile, take a look at the Syngency FAQs here or Syngency's website’s troubleshooting page *here* ( http://support.syngency.com/for-talent/introducing-syngency-mobile ) before contacting our Casting team. Most issues are usually pretty minor and just require double checking that you have followed all of the instructions carefully. Our team's time is much better spent answering briefs from clients than troubleshooting technology. 


As we said earlier, an incomplete profile can hurt your child’s chances of success so make sure you fill out all of the information (unless it is not applicable to you).

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