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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

Please refer to your Bubblegum signed agreement for cancellation details.


If you and your family are moving interstate or overseas or if you’ve simply changed your mind about representation for your child; whatever the reason for leaving Bubblegum, we ask that you follow the Departure Procedure.


This procedure can also be used when leaving another agency to join Bubblegum.


Departure Procedure:

  • Contact Bubblegum

  • Confirm your child’s representation cessation in writing; either via email or signed letter.

If within the original timeframe you decide to recommence representation with Bubblegum, give us a call and you will be sincerely welcomed back into the family.


Bubblegum reserves the right to cease representation of Talent at any stage.


In the unlikely event of this happening, notification will be made to the parent or guardian by phone, email or letter.


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