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Pamela Carrier
Updated 1 year ago

You will receive emails with information on how to log in to your Syngency and Casting Networks accounts. You will be required to upload all of your information including personal details, availability dates, measurements and skills etc. It is imperative that this is done in a timely fashion and is very thorough. We have step-by-step instructions and videos available on our Knowledge Base to assist you in this process. Please understand that we will be unable to put you forward for any jobs until all of these details are complete.



Your child’s Bubblegum Personal Profile includes important details such as parent or guardian contact numbers. If the child provides their own mobile number this can cause communication issues particularly if they’re sitting exams. The ideal situation is for the parent or guardian to act as their contact person.


To ensure you are always contactable be sure your phone numbers, email address, and personal details are correct and regularly updated. You must also ensure that your measurements and skills are always updated and current. All updates can be made via the Syngency platform. Please see Syngency FAQ’s to learn more about Syngency and the Step-by-step Guide to Syngency to learn how to update your personal profile.


Please also update the availability section if you are going away on holiday and email us at casting@bubblegumcasting.com.au 




Casting Networks is the leading entertainment platform; helping actors and casting professionals to connect. It is a critical casting tool for the entertainment industry andis used by Casting Directors, Directors and Producers domestically and internationally. They will often refer to this casting platform before approaching individual agencies.

Each profile we load onto Casting Networks includes a photo and basic information. You must update all of your details including measurements, sizes, appearance, skills etc before you will be able to be put forward for auditions and book jobs. You can update your child’s information anytime with your specific login. Please click here to learn more about Casting Networks and here to read a Step-by-Step Guide to updating Casting Networks.





If we don’t have your child’s up-to-date measurements, it will affect your child’s chance of booking work. Clients often ask for heights and clothes sizes and we don’t have time to chase you for that information. We regularly audit profiles and expect full cooperation at all times. Especially with babies that are growing rapidly, it's very important to update their sizing and any new skills e.g. if they learn to crawl / walk.

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